Grant Opportunities for California Nonprofits

Grant Opportunities for California Nonprofits

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about Fundraising Tips, plus a list of Grant Opportunities for nonprofits in the State of California. This is a must have and need for every start-up and existing nonprofit organization. Start building your funding resources today!



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    This E-Book-Resource list is designed to be a resource and motivation for its reader. It is sold with the understanding that all grant opportunities and award amounts within this document are subject to increase and decrease at the funders discretion, due to their funding availability. This list is by no means a guarantee for any grant amount or size. The author has made every effort to ensure accuracy of the information given in this book was correct at the time of publication of the E-Book-Resource list. The funding tips described in this E- Book-Resource list are the author's personal thought process and personal experience. The fundraising tips are not promises for any grant amount or size, However the purpose of the fundraising tips is to serve as a guide and resource. No formatted part of this E-book-resource list is to be photocopied, and shared on the internet or email, recorded by any person or system without verbal and written consent from the author.